About This Blog

This blog is a place where I can write stuff. It stops me writing it elsewhere, and the walls are getting full anyway.

I use the blog to share recipes that I have made. I’m sad enough to have hundreds of these written up. Some recipes are variants of ones from cookbooks or other sources, others are traditional, or passed on from friends and family. I’ve tried to mention the originator where I know. I use it to share recipe’s with friends and family without having to use email or other messaging services. If there’s a good one I should try then please let me know.

It has posts about my garden in Highland Perthshire, Scotland, specifically in Glenlyon, one of the most beautiful glens in Scotland. Most of my garden is a mix of woodland and lawn, with a few raised beds where I grow vegetables in summer.

My garden in Glenlyon showing part of the lawn with the shadows of the trees, and the house and seating area,
Glenlyon garden

Where I’ve mentioned products or items I’ve included links where practical. If it’s an Amazon item then the link theoretically earns me a tiny amount. My traffic is so low that I doubt if my annual commission would buy me a coffee. And they don’t pay out till you get up to £25 and I’m thinking that the only way anyone’s making any money out of this is if I put it in my will.

Other posts are about life in general, or gadgets and so on, perhaps trying to justify why I have some really useful stuff, like a WiFi enabled outside thermometer in my shed. How did I live before that…

It’s possible that photography might rear its head at some stage. Who knows? I don’t. Here are a few photographs available to print, or buy mugs and T-shirts etc.

I’ll endeavour to keep comments about politics and world affairs out of here. Mostly because I’m sure we’ve all had enough of that recently and it’s quite possible I could get stuck on “transmit.”

All opinions are my own. I’d love to try out some other opinions, but as hard as I try, I fear I’m stuck with these. As someone once said, “I could agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

Remember, Say Bazonka Every Day – because – That’s What Grandma Used To Say….