In The Garden

We live in beautiful Glenlyon in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. The garden is just under 1 acre in size and surrounds our house. Half of the garden is semi wooded, the other half is a mix of lawn, vegetable beds, and herbaceous planting.

Lawned area in front of the house

The original garden was laid out at least 60 years ago and had been left to grow and expand. It was managed by keeping it tidy and a number of the plants and areas got overgrown and crowded. In some sections of the garden cherry laurel had taken over (up to 10m high) and killed other plants like rhododendron and smaller plants to become a monoculture.

The garden was originally a mainly spring garden, which matched the semi-woodland situation. While there were some shrubs with summer interest, by June it was mostly all over till next year.

For the first five years I simply continued with the “maintenance” approach. But in the last ten years I have begun to restore and develop the garden to create a more year round interest.